Countertop Refinishing

Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY

Countertop refinishing Buffalo Ny provides the latest innovation in transforming your Kitchen counters.
Remember when all old countertops got landfilled?

For years, homeowners gleefully tore out serviceable though unattractive countertops in order to replace them with newer, more stylish materials.  Laminates would be replaced by granite slabs; granite would be replaced with solid surface and quartz counter.

New Designs for Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY

At Surface Magic countertop resurfacing companies, we refinish laminate countertops to transform your old and out-dated kitchen and bathroom countertops, into a faux granite appearance. We offer a full array of granite stone colors that will match any home decor and all for less than half the cost of replacement. Our eco-friendly coating is permanently bonded to your existing: Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Vanity, Wall Time and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Surface Magic deep cleans the surface of the countertop that’s going to be refinished, and in the event of any cracks, burns or damage, we will make the necessary repairs. To refinishing countertops to look like granite. We use Three coats of primer are then applied to the countertop surface, which is followed by the final application of Stone-Flec Imitation Stone Finish. Stone-Flec is available in numerous colors and stone finishes. Once the Stone-Flec coating has thoroughly dried, we then apply two additional clear coats of Stone Guard Protectant. which seals and protects your counter’s new finish. Then a complete cleaning of the work area before finishing the job. The refinished counter or vanity must cure for 24-48 hours prior to use.

Countertop Refinishing – What are the advantages?

Homeowners, apartment managers, and the hospitality industry are enjoying the economical benefits of our Stone-Flec finish granite kitchen countertops . The natural look of stone, at a fraction of the cost, makes this service a cost effective alternative to granite and stone.

We are proud of our “Go Green -Reface Instead of Replace” philosophy, eliminating unnecessary waste to our landfills. The entire process is completed in only hours! There is no tear out, no mess, no demolition.
Our innovative industrial coating is the hardest material on the market. It is stain proof, and extremely scratch resistant. Our easy to clean finishes completely covers: chips, dents, burns and seams on your existing countertops and stops any existing leaks in your shower, tub or bathroom remodeling Buffalo NY.


Often for functional reasons, but just as often in the name of style…

But the new school of thought is to preserve materials.

Often, the core of kitchen countertops are still good; it’s just the top surface which has become yellowed or scratched over time or simply outdated. Why toss out all 99.8% of the materials just to gain a new top surface?

Specially formulated bonding agents and finishes mean this is not mere paint.

Countertop refinishing companies love to talk about proprietary bonding agents and “molecular bonds.”.  Surface Magics Magic Bond bonding agent that “creates a chemical bond between the old and new surfaces,” and other companies have their own versions.

New countertops, six weeks.  Refinished counters, three days.

It can take up to 6 weeks to have new countertops installed, due to availability of materials (but the actual replacement process only takes a day or two).

Countertop refinishers tend to be available sooner. It’s often possible to call up one day and have it finished by the end of the following day.

Cost is about half the price of new counters.

Countertop refinishing cost savings are excellent, but not dramatically cheaper than replacement. You can expect to cut the cost of countertop replacement by 50%.

You can expect it to last about 10 years or longer.

Take note:  your tile grout will get surfaced over, but grooves remain.

When refinishing tile countertops, the grout is covered over by the new finish.  The result is a homogeneous surface–imagine solid surface, like Corian–yet one that retains that distinctive, tile-grid imprint.

So, the feature you may have hated the most about your tile counter–all of that seam-work–remains.  One consolation is that the surfacing agents smooth it over a bit, making subsequent cleanings easier.

Color matching if you want.

Just like house-painters, counter refinishers do a good job of matching existing colors, if that’s something you want.

Or, you may decide to go a totally different route and switch colors. It’s your option.

Countertops that you can resurface:

  • Laminate surfaces
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Solid surfaces (such as Corian)
  • Cultured stone